New Jersey Solid Waste Advisory council estimates textiles make up between 5 and 7 percent of the waste stream. Communities big and small are coming to RNJ to recycle their textiles and set up programs. We became aware of the opportunity of expanding our Repurpose Textile Recycling Program in other communities after municipalities and their resident’s throughout New Jersey contacted us about recycling their textiles rather then throwing them away.

The RNJ program saves significant money from day one in waste disposal costs. We also seek as a high priority helping Veterans find and obtain employment, as well as advance their civilian careers. Our program employs veterans and would be able to expand those opportunities in partnership with your community. The RNJ also offers the Recycling Ranger Program to all municipal partner schools.

As an industry leader, Repurpose New Jersey textile recycling program takes great pride, responsibility and opportunity to make positive impacts empowering the people we work with, preserving the environment and supporting our communities.”

The Edison Wetlands Association, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation founded in 1989, developed the Repurpose New Jersey (RNJ) Textile Recycling Program to fill a significant need in New Jersey and beyond. RNJ now recycles and repurposes textiles for over 250,000 people in Woodbridge and Edison school systems, community centers, and even libraries. We also provide textile recycling for the USEPA Region 2 covering New York, New Jersey, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

We believe the families in your municipalities would benefit greatly from our no cost program. RNJ is the only textile recycling program solely owned and operated by a federally recognized 501©(3) charity and provides tax-deductible receipts for all donations. This further incentivizes the recycling of textiles with RNJ providing all materials needed for the program including labor and transportation costs.

Many municipalities do not realize the many benefits of recycling their textiles; even those who do mistakenly are using for-profit companies and also receive inaccurate reports that will not pass governmental scrutiny. We can assist your community in coming into full compliance, providing accurate, reliable audited reports with supporting documentation.

Our program is unique in that it saves taxpayers significant money from day one—and costs nothing while promoting sustainability and protecting the environment.