What textiles do we accept at RNJ Recycle/Repurpose Textile bins and how do you get started? 

We accept the following textiles any clothing (new and used), coats, shoes, bedding under garments, children’s clothing, bedding, toys, certain furniture, jewelry, coins even automobile and boats. Go to www.repurposenj.org or call us toll free at 800-859-0130 and we can fill out the form for you, it’s that easy.

  1. What is the Re-Purpose New Jersey Textile Recycling Program?

Re-Purpose New Jersey (RNJ) Textile Recycling Program is the only textile (clothing) recycling program that is solely owned and operated by a 501 © (3) federally recognized charitable organization and sustainability pioneer.  We provide these no cost services to municipalities, libraries, businesses, schools and government agencies.

Our partners include the USEPA, Woodbridge and Edison School Systems, and green business leaders. Recycling and Re-purposing textiles is good for the environment and saves millions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars, while providing tax incentives and grants to municipalities who use our charities program.

  1. Is there any cost for the Re-Purpose New Jersey textile donation program?

No just the opposite your municipality, school, library, business and agency will benefit by receiving a tax-deductible donation for space utilized or textile donated. Repurpose NJ currently recycles textiles for more than 250,000 people including every Woodbridge and Edison Library, Green Business leaders, Woodbridge and Edison Schools and even the Federal Environmental Protection Agency. Our charity provides tax-deductible receipts for donations for taxpayers while providing vital services to New Jersey and beyond.

  1. Do textiles really cost our taxpayers millions of dollars?

On average, textiles constitute between 5-7 percent of all landfill or incinerator usage.  Wastes disposal costs are $75 or more per ton and this translate to immediate savings!  Repurpose New Jersey benefits the environment and makes our world sustainable for future generations. Tax deductible receipts for each textile donation further incentivizes the program.

  1. What are the benefits of partnering with Repurpose New Jersey?

Re-Purpose New Jersey provides a non-profit donation receipt, for any space or textiles donated. All municipalities get state recycling grants for every pound of textiles donated as well as creditable audited guaranteed annual recycling reports.  

  1. Who services the Repurpose New Jersey textile recycling bins?

The non-profit Edison Wetlands Association’s Re-Purpose New Jersey pays all program costs. We have successfully provided these services for over a decade with dedicated professionals who provide superior service 24 hours a day -7 days.  

Go to www.repurposenj.org or call us toll free at 800-859-0130 and we can fill out the form for you, it’s that easy.